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Album: Orbits ep
Release: 1.4.2013
Genre: Metal / Ambient

This is my very first ep, written and recorded over the course of 2-3 months. 

1. Orbits

2. The World Above

3. Far Away

4. Polar Vessel

5. Uranos

6. The Shining Bright Eye

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Album: Diam

Release: 2.9.2013
Genre: Metal / Ambient

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Album: Symbiosis ep
Release: 15.4.2014
Genre: Progressive Metal / Ambient

Symbiosis is all about coexistence. This coexistence benefits both parts of it, the Host and the Symbiont. So, on a big scale we, the human race need to find a way how to coexist with the species that surround us, with nature and even with our own fellow humans, otherwise this planet will sooner or later turn into a hostile place. 

1. Synthesis

2. Disproporionate

3. Arapaima Skin

4. Spinning Down

5. Host

6. Symbiosis

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Album: Particles in the Sun
Release: 9.6.2014
Genre: Metal / Ambient

"Particles in the Sun" is conceived as one 10-minute track in six very short movements.

1. Distant Lights

2. Binaural

3. Subjugation

4. Medium

5. Attempt

6. Particles